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  • marianne aamodt

    July 20, 2020 at 5:38 pm

    Well. For some reason, the last post only put up the image, not the notes I wrote. My reflection is that the problem seems to have two parts to it. First in order to figure out the width of suitcase B, I had to think of it as a “table of values” chart where I worked out the multiplicative comparison of the the heights of A and B. Then I completed the problem by thinking of that ratio as a composed unit.

    Is this the right way (one of many) to do it?

    It appears that multiplicative comparisons and composed units are very closely related.

    My wondering is how to draw the pictures out! I also did another problem, included in the last post which did not upload properly. It had large numbers. That can be very time consuming! Don’t I sound like a lazy kid??