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  • Ryan Foley

    July 14, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    I might start with a visual of a carton and a liter and ask them to notice and wonder. Arrive at the question of how many cartons fit in a liter? Do an estimate. Act two would be giving information of carton = 250ml, L =1000ml. Next day, Progress with same idea of showing the liter and now a jug. Pour one liter into a jug , have a notice and wonder? Arrive at how many liters are in a jug? Act two= show volume of jug. Final day….video of Tyson emptying six jugs into container, and then begins the process of filling one carton. Complete a notice and wonder- which would be the original question of how many cartons will Tyson fill. Do an estimate, work at boards.