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  • Colin Hamilton

    July 14, 2020 at 10:49 am
    • Who you are? –> Colin Hamilton!
    • Where are you? –> Dallas Texas
    • What’s your role in education? –> Secondary Math Guide (Teacher)
    • What grade levels do you teach? –> Specifically 9th and 10th
    • What’s your background?–> I have tutored for 7 years and taught fro 4.5 years. Moved to a school with a lower income demographic intentionally because all students can do math well and I believe it can be a way to elevate lower Socio-economic groups.
    • Any cool stories to tell? –> Yes, before I even radically changed my teaching style from memorization to understanding, I always pushed for the idea of valuing struggle. I had a girl who was always on the fence of passing my Honors Algebra 2 course and the following year, she came back and told me that she believes she is smart because of how I constantly believed in her and challenged her.
    • Why did you join the Making Math Moments Academy? –> I want to improve. I want to grow. Math education needs a change and it starts in the classroom and will work its way out. VERY EXCITED.