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  • marianne aamodt

    July 13, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    3 or 4 years ago, I taught math to a group of 3 gr. 8 boys ( yes, the smallest class in our small school) I tried to make Math more interesting while teaching surface area (before I had stumbled onto Christina Tondevold and Kyle and Jon’s nontraditional ways of teaching Math – I wish I would’ve had these experiences long ago!!) I had them measure the surface areas of various sizes of boxes. One of the boxes was even a triangular prism. Woo-hoo. We measured using centimetres as our unit. My students were very diligent and worked hard at measuring and using the formulas as espoused by the text (and, ahem…me) So. First of all, do I think they retained the formulas? Probably not. Did we discuss how they arrived at answers? Nope. Did I spend hours measuring and figuring out the “answers” myself. Yup.

    This upcoming year, the students will be working together to answer the questions re total surface area of an object and we will be sharing how we arrived at our answers. It will probably take longer to do but I have the feeling it will be more beneficial for all in the long run.