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  • Robert Carrasco

    July 9, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    I am a proponent for board games for meaningful practice of math facts, especially games with dice and or that utilize a deck of cards. Rolling dice to move around a gameboard (Monopoly, Parcheesi, etc) give students a chance practice math where math problems are not the focus…it is a skill/component that is a means to achieving a goal (aka beating my sister finally in this game!).

    Repeated exposure to simple addition problems builds memorization, fluency, and flexibility. Rolling a 6 and a 1, I can see that I will move 7 spaces, and it doesn’t matter if I move 6 spaces then 1, or 1 space then 6 (WOW! The commutative property). My sister rolls a 4 and a 3, and I can see this is just another decomposition of 7.

    Black Jack is another fun game (with or without the gambling!) for students to practice their basic addition and subtraction skills.

    “This Game Goes to 11” is a more kid-friendly games that allows students to practice their addition skills.