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  • Tracy Martel

    July 6, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    Spiralling the Curriculum sounds like and looks like putting together a BIG jigsaw puzzle. I do have a number of questions in using and organizing this method.

    1. Once you’ve organized the expectations into spirals/cycles, can you re-use it the following school year BUT change it as needed based on the students in front of you? (and or course if the curriculum changes!!!)

    2. Would you create a learning log for everyone of your students and record on a daily basis? How would this be shared with the students? How would their voice be heard?

    3. If there were a small number of students that scored ‘low’ on a learning goal, would you revisit the same learning goal with the whole class or with the small group of students immediately before moving forward? OR Would you revisit the learning goal later during another spiral/cycle and focus more on that small group of students?

    I feel that teachers need to be VERY flexible and patience when using this technique and to be comfortable with changing the plan by either proceeding or pivoting. I really like step #6 which I think it’s a good idea to have check-in with students; this reminds me of when I would give my students exit ticket/question to help me with what would be our next lesson.

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