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  • Shady Hanna

    July 6, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Hi @kyle and @jon

    This module got me motivated to start prepping for September, and I just wanted to get your input on a couple of things.

    1) After looking at the spreadsheets of your Calendar/Long Range plan, I see that you have a learning goal per day. I actually took the time to go through all the 3 act lessons on this site and on to cross reference them with the learning goals of the newly released ontario Math curriculum for 7&8. A lot of the activities obviously hit multiple LGs. Do you recommend sticking to 1 LG per day / lesson and visiting other ones when you cycle back, or is it ok to evaluate several LGs in a day’s task?

    2) In Ottawa, our board is looking at having a 2day cycling schedule where Monday and Tuesday you see some kids for shorter days, and Thursday and Friday you would see the rest, while Wednesday would be a deep clean day. Details are still to come, but I really want to set my classroom culture to follow the curiosity path and to adopt spiralling come September, but I am afraid that the reduced in class time and learning curve will get in the way, and I am afraid I would fall back into traditional teaching methods. Do you guys have any suggestions / plans of attack for September 2020?