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  • Anisha Baboota

    July 1, 2020 at 4:37 pm


    Growing up I learned Math through rote memorization and we were taught that in order to move to the next level or stage it was important to fully understand the foundation because every concept was a building block for the next step. This is why I often struggled in Math because when we were give the textbook example to follow and understand during a teacher-directed lesson if you didn’t understand why the answer was what it was and how it came to be, well then you were going to struggle in some aspect. Now when I teach Math to my students I do remember and use the methods using the way I was taught but I am also remaining receptive and open to showing students that there is not just one way to learn this “old school style” because it may be an unfamiliar means of learning for them (especially since nowadays textbooks are hard to come by, and/or aren’t even used!)