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  • Anisha Baboota

    July 1, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    Skill: Patterning and looking for an ABAB pattern

    Unconsciously Incompetent: The student will use a specific manipulative (e.g. colored teddy bears) to figure out a pattern.

    Consciously Incompetent: The student will activate his or her prior knowledge about patterns and experiment with the manipulative to figure out which pattern he or she will solve and figure out.

    Consciously Competent: After first seeing a teacher modelled lesson about the possibilities of patterns, the student will then be able to pick out two different colors to make an ABAB pattern.

    Unconsciously Competent: The student will reinforce his or her understanding of the newly acquired concept by extending the pattern using two new different colors. He or she will then also be able to extend the thinking by trying out a different pattern (e.g. AABAAB), and explain the thinking to the educator.

    I have seen many FDK students grasp this Math concept fairly quickly so this is the reason why I would look at doing this Math strand early on in the year (e.g. September).