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  • Ashley Bryant

    June 28, 2020 at 9:24 pm

    My biggest takeaway that will hopefully be stuck with students 5 years from now is that math was interesting and required critical thinking and long term retention. ELA has always been discussed in parent/teacher conferences as a class that spirals. When the shift in discussion has gone to math, and we’re discussing a standard that is currently a weakness for a student, I’ve always struggled to come up with ways to help that student gain the knowledge missing since my previous math curriculum didn’t spiral back to concepts. I feel empowered to start taking small steps so I may make math moments that matter on a regular basis, one being spiraling with cumulative assessments. I think one of my first steps will be to get my colleague that teaches math to the other half of fourth grade students in this online course so we can be at the same starting point! Thank you both again for a very enlightening course!