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  • Jacquelyn Harland

    June 28, 2020 at 3:55 am

    1. Unconsciously Incompetent

    Upon hearing that we are going to be discussing solving equations through equality, possibly at this point I will receive a blank stare.

    2. Consciously Incompetent

    I may show a picture of objects on each side of the equation and ask them to tell me what they see and wonder? Students may have some idea of the concept yet still not sure where this may go.

    3. Consciously Competent

    Then I display an equation with numbers and variables on both side and the concept may start to take form, yet they know that both sides need to be equal.

    4. Unconsciously Incompetent

    Then, I prompt the students through solving the problem. After awhile they think, they have it and I change the problem up and they realize maybe they do not have it.

    5. Consciously Masterful

    After catching themselves several times, they gain conceptual understanding and competency thus enter mastery stage.