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  • Sheila Akinleye

    June 26, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    Jon and Kyle,

    Previously I was stuck in a rut and honestly wanted to give up. I didn’t enjoy teaching any more and honestly didn’t know what to do. Everything I knew was not working for me and I knew there had to be more. The biggest take-away from this course for me has been that “I can do this!” I can spark curiosity in my students, I can help them understand and learn math. I honestly have a renewed sense of hope. I worked hard during this course and plan to work even harder to implement the strategies and skills you both have so wisely laid out here. You are a Godsend! This week I told two educators from my school about this course, and I hope to grow a local learning community centered on Making Math Moments that Matter.

    Thank you