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  • Barb Fleming

    June 26, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    I am a big believer in automaticity vs memorization. Most of us grew up memorizing which doesn’t stick if there is no visual that pops into your brain to connect math facts to. Getting to that automaticity of math facts seems to be an area where my students have fallen short and ultimately where I need to reflect on how my math program needs to evolve. There is such a wide range of learners coming into grade 3 and beyond, some who have a solid understanding of place value and others who are still striving to move beyond one-to-one counting and everything in between. Have you found that following the Curiosity Path has helped create a more level playing field and move everyone forward? I’m thinking building in time for math stations and guided math groups alongside may give opportunities to help the concepts that come out during the Curiosity Path stick and to build in some gaps in counting strategies. Would love to hear your thoughts.