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  • Kyle Ferreira van Leer

    June 26, 2020 at 1:17 pm

    I had two major takeaways from the course:

    1) The lesson on how to take a typical textbook or written problem and turn it into something that sparks curiosity. This was mindblowing because I had always assumed we needed to have something out of the box, visual, or showy if we wanted to spark curiosity. But by simply leaving out some information, words, or data, we can have meaningful notice, wonders, and estimations. I was so excited to see that explained.

    2) The second thing that was so exciting was the section on spiraling. I have always wanted to spiral ever since I was exposed to it midway through this year. But it was a daunting concept to look at. I love that you have ways to start and examples of how you began to look at all of your learning goals and sort them into a spiral format. I am no so excited to begin that process over the summer as we look towards next year. I also think it will be so important to spiral this coming year given that we have had so much interrupted learning due to school closures from the pandemic!

    Thank you both for all of the work that you’ve both put into this course! I am so thankful to have done this.