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  • Sheila Akinleye

    June 25, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    One of the lessons we usually teach at the beginning of the school year is rational vs irrational numbers, comparing irrational numbers, and understanding that every number has a decimal expansion. I’m still thinking through and searching for lessons that can help me approach the learning goals for these skills from a problem-based approach. However, my plan will be to find a task that starts a few learning goals before the target goals that really grabs the Attention of students. Nothing gimmicky, but something definitely geared toward sparking curiosity by following the curiosity path. To provide for the Generation of student ideas and ownership, we will Notice and Wonder and make predictions that will allow us to reflect on what we’re observing and create new learning. I will create positive Emotions out of this experience for my students by giving them clear feedback and helping them know they can and will learn what they need to know. Finally, the Social Interaction students will enjoy will come from the the turn and talk, math fights, and conversations around sharing their math thinking. I know that this is not very precise but as I refine learning goals and search for appropriate tasks, this is how I plan to keep AGES in mind.