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  • Randal T Nelson

    June 19, 2020 at 1:10 pm

    Just like for students, teachers need to be “spiraled” back to this idea. Too many of us have been entrenched into a kind of mindset where, within the first 2 weeks of class, we think we could assign a FINAL grade for everyone in the class. Scary, isn’t it?

    This takes me back to when I was coaching basketball. I talked with a referee, and he told me that there would be a “point of emphasis” on certain rules. Referees would focus more on these rules, and make sure they were intentional in their focus. If changing mindsets into a growth mindset is to be a “point of emphasis” in your building, then teachers need to re-visit the idea from time to time. Accountability is also important, too. This should probably involve reflection on the part of the teachers. It’s SO easy to drift back into what has always been the routine.