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  • Randal T Nelson

    June 19, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    I share your frustrations. I WISH I had 45 minutes — I get 42 minutes Monday-Thursday, and 32 minutes on Friday. I think the COVID-19 situation has more people realizing that we HAVE TO trim down the curriculum. My administration has asked us to determine what concepts must be learned, sort of a GOTTA HAVE versus a NICE TO HAVE. I haven’t seen anything yet online, though I think anyone who has worked with SBG (standards-based grading) should have pared down the objectives.

    If you check with an Algebra 2 teacher, they could help with this — what concepts should the students have going into an Algebra 2 course? Of course, the Geometry teachers, too, would want some input based on the algebra used in their courses.