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  • Teena Daniels

    June 10, 2020 at 10:26 am

    This idea of automaticity vs memorization has been a struggle for me. On one hand I understood that allowing students to explore and discover rather than force them to memorize makes sense. However, as a middle school math teacher I see those students who never were given ample opportunities to explore and thus realize the importance of memorizing or learning the facts struggle. To me it’s like expecting a middle school student to read grade level text when they have never been taught to automaticity the letter sounds and their relationships. It’s not that the student can’t read, it’s that they spend so much of their working brain on figuring out the word that they can’t understand the meaning of the text. Based on this, it will be important for me to bridge this he gap by providing them appropriate experiences/tasks that will encourage their thinking, push them to strengthen their math facts while making sense of the 7th grade standards. I must be more focused on the purpose of my lesson and the outcome I want the students to walk away with. In addition, you have taught that I need to anticipate the thinking of students before the lesson so that I can guide them to deepen their thinking or understanding.