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  • Ruth Hicks

    May 24, 2020 at 3:04 pm

    Using 1 twelfths, 2 twelfths etc has helped my concrete learners functioning 2- 3 grade levels below the curriculum, have an active role and demonstrate their understanding. They readily count the number line for us and reinforce for all the cardinal nature. Everyone quickly understands that it takes 12 twelfths to make a whole.

    I play around for about a week with fraction squares created by the students They tear halves then with another colour of paper, they tear halves then half a half to make quarters. We do this with enough different colours until we get sixteenths We then spend a lot of time using different size holes and convincing each other what a half or quarter or 2 wholes look like.

    My take away if you use the language 8 twelfths, then 8 one-twelfth, you are prepping them for 8*1/12