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  • Brandi Sidley

    May 22, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Hi! My name is Brandi Sidley. I am a sixth grade teacher in Sacramento, CA. Teaching is my third (maybe fourth career) after being a legal secretary, family and wedding photographer and SAHM. I have taught fifth and third grades and am now right where I want to be with the pre-teens.

    When I was a long-term sub in fifth grade I would get so frustrated with the curriculum. It never had what I wanted, it didn’t seem to have a logical order and the students were not growing.

    When I started teaching third grade, I had the same experience and ultimately started using a different curriculum. Oops – that didn’t go over so well as our admin didn’t love the thought of one grade level “dropping in” curriculum. However, our test scores were far above any other grade at the school.

    Fast forward four years, third grade scores are still at the top and I’m now teaching sixth grade. Again, frustration, aggravation and ultimately research, research, research…and here I am. I now know that I need to go back to the beginning, learn what I never learned (like what the heck subitizing is) either in my own math education or any of my credential classes.

    I’m excited to learn how to get my students excited about math.