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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Community Discussion Tech Talk What resources do I need to teach from home? Reply To: What resources do I need to teach from home?

  • Mary Manske

    May 19, 2020 at 12:30 pm

    I did do the webinar. I have some ideas for specific instructional tools, but they are asking about those technical things specifically (I believe they’re trying to buy it out of the rest of this years budget so it has to be “things.”) Also my principal loves tech. We have a separate method for things like subscriptions, so this is equipment.

    As for how I hope to teach my classes, my Stats class I run as much as IRL as possible. I use my document camera and Zoom, students work in breakout rooms and we come together to debrief. In real class, students are putting the answers up as we go (I am not explaining this well–its sounding like awful teaching) so a way for them to be annotating a common document would be great. But if not, still discussing and discovering things on their own and then putting that together as a class.

    For my Algebra classes, here’s fantasy class:

    Everyone logs on to Meet so they can hear/see me and joins a Desmos activity. We discuss our focus and then work through the activity together. I can pause them and share snapshots like I would if I was in class, can offer feedback both via screen and out loud and discuss class misconceptions. Then we would switch over to our notebooks to consolidate. Somehow, I’d also figure out how to have them do a remote version of VNPS (I have not spent time thinking about it because this is the third level of fantasy and I can’t even hit the first).

    And reality class:

    Assign a Desmos and suggest they do it with me at 2. Actually do it with a max of 5 kids. Leave feedback on other kids Desmos that I’m sure they totally read and reflect on. Make short videos of the notes for their notebooks for reference (copies of printed materials available). Do some example problems.

    So I need a document camera (new one) but the rest I already have. So I was trying to figure out what else might be helpful. The only thing I could think of was sound as I bet mine sucks but I wasn’t sure if I should just use AirPods or something. Do you think there is anything there worth upgrading?