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  • Kabryna Andino

    April 20, 2020 at 10:49 am

    When is comes to students learning their math facts I think it is important to give them a strategy to first solve the problem. This way they have something tangable to refer to. Then from this point I think it is important for some memorization to happen.

    With addition I fee as though kids need something to count at first then they can move to the dot counting on the numbers. When adding I try and make a ten first then remember what I have left over for the ones. This is for the more advanced math fact learners.

    With multiplication I was just expected to memorize the facts. I memorized them then later I learned some strategies when it came to learning them. If you learn the startegy first then memorize them it can work as well. Either way I feel they are both sufficient in learning/knowing them.