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  • Kelli Fisher

    April 18, 2020 at 4:07 pm

    I always found the progression from little understanding to some understanding to mastery is very interesting with students. Finding out what they actually know and see what gaps they have with number sense, for instance, can dramatically affect a teacher’s approach to further experiences the student is given in class.

    I really appreciate the document “Principles of Counting and Quantity” as I have used the concept of subitizing with my middle schoolers who have difficulty with math. It seems like an easy task for older students, but it is surprising how many need experience and further practice to master this concept. I will be checking out these other ideas and see what I can find out with my other students.

    Having to use Distance School as a method of teaching, I may not be able to check all this out during this school year, but will definitely have it handy when we are in a classroom and I have my students’ attention daily.

    Thanks !