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  • Lisa Winter

    April 15, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    Last summer I led some work with a team of teachers from each grade level K-5. We put all textbook sources aside, and only looked at the CCLS domains, clusters, and standards at each grade level. We had vertical conversations about priority big ideas, traditional student areas of strength and weaknesses, and connected big ideas within the grade levels. Teams then used these conversations to connect ideas within their grade levels, and then sequence the learning in a way that made sense for kids, considering pacing as well. This was our first step as a district to move away from the idea of just teaching from the textbook, and hints at your idea of sequencing.

    Now, having gone through part of a school year with these changes, I will be anxious for us to gather again (possibly over the summer) to reflect on this work and its impact on kids. I do think that we can do better at making more connections between big ideas and create a more effective spiraling effect, so I will be using this learning to help guide this future work.