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  • Andrea Benson

    April 14, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    Juile, I was thinking about using this idea as well. I started with finding areas of squares and then from the area findin the side length. At stage 1 students were “confused and complacent” on the fact that while we could’t find an even side length for an area of 27 tha the calculator could. In step 2, student were breaking up the area of 200 into squares of sizes 10×10… from there we took this idea and applied it to other areas such as 27. We then discussed simplest radical form in steps 3 and 4. I believe step 5 is perhaps connecting to adding subtracting and muliplying radicals… but Imnot quite sure yet on how to first make it visual and then abstract… I think it would be like adding tiles of different sized squares? Thoughts?