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  • Tornette Franklin

    April 13, 2020 at 1:39 pm

    Bonnie, I feel ya! It’s been a continuous process to build such a culture in my classroom and even more challenging proposition with remote learning. I celebrate risk taking and mistakes just with the language used on our classroom interactions. I invite students to point out when I make mistakes and to walk through my thinking process with me… so I do a lot of pondering out loud- that way they can see what I’m thinking. I pause to ask them… “does that make sense because it does not make sense all the time in my head?” This seems to invite them into the conversation. They share their thinking and I often ask them to visualize it for me. I’m honest, and tell my students when I’m lost and that I need a picture. I’m super excited when one of my most passive students shares their thinking and when they get frustrated trying to explain, I encourage them not to give up. I encourage always their “aha moments”!