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  • Terri Eller

    April 12, 2020 at 6:56 pm

    In my school we use the Bridges in Mathematics curriclum in grades k-5. The concepts discussed in this video are emphasized in the curriculum. Unfortunately we are still “ability grouping” our students in math and I teach the “low math” classes. (I hate everything about this and it goes against everything I believe in but I’m not going to change it so the best I can do is provide the best possible instruction for my students.) Anyways, many of my students come to me with “gaps” in understanding of certain concepts. When it comes to place value, I find that beyond the hundreds place, my students start to lose understanding of quantity because it is so abstract to them. Thinking about numbers, it is easy to “model” numbers through 100 or maybe 1,000 but beyond that it gets pretty difficult. In our curriculum we build the great wall of base 10. This could be a very powerful activity as students start with a unit, see that 10 units make a 10 (a rod) then they use 10 rods to make 100 (a mat) then they put 10 mats together to make a 1,000 and finally they put 10 1,000 together to make 10,000 (mat mat). What I don’t think our curriculum does is provide follow up activities after the exploration that allows students to make connections and consolidate their understanding. Watching this video hit home for me that this was such a powerful activity that we did but we rushed through the activity and on to the next thing and students were not given the opportunity to follow up on their discoveries.