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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Community Discussion Water Cooler How to have students share ideas asynchronously? Reply To: How to have students share ideas asynchronously?

  • George Garza

    April 11, 2020 at 12:35 am

    Okay, so your goal is to allow your learners to work through, say a three act task, without them needing to be on at the same time, is that right? You want them see each others responses so they can learn from each others thinking on a problem, but not just throw all the information out at once.

    Sounds like desmos activities would be ideal. You can make your own activities relatively easily, with video and photos if needed. When students write things, they can see what their peers have written too.

    Alternatively maybe you could use peardeck? Maybe you can use peardeck to control the release of information, and then have slides inbetween where you have the kids got to flipgrid or padlet, and then have then go back to the peardeck. That’s an interesting connundrum.

    I do think flipgrid is your best bet, and I think you are going to have to get creative to pull off what you want in an asynchronous manner.

    I wonder what other people might come up with.