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  • Lisa Hudson

    April 11, 2020 at 12:04 am

    I have done Google Meets with individual students who have not been signing on or who need help with how to turn in assignments, complete assignments, etc. We ask parents to attend as well so that they will be better informed of the expectations.

    My district has encouraged us to use this time primarily for review in math. We are allowed 2 lessons per week per subject with a completion time of no more than 30 minutes each lesson, preferably shorter.

    I have also created a Fun Friday lesson with a short video (2-3 mins) about totally non-math topics. For example, the first video was about my favorite cupcakes. The students then complete a four-question Google form over the video. This will give them more insight into me as a person outside of the school building and help them keep connected. I have had positive feedback from students.

    Our district and campus motto is “Grace”. More than anything, extend grace to your students because you never know what each individual situation looks like. Remember that your students just want to keep that connection to you.