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  • George Garza

    April 10, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    If your concern is seeing if students are watching your vids and engaging, the easiest thing would be to require evidence from the kids. The easiest thing for you to do, would be to require students turn in notes taken from the video, i.e. notes in google docs, or photos taken from paper.

    There’s also a program called edpuzzle, which has a free version that will allow you to upload a video to it, either one you shoot, or even one from youtube, or even other online video libraries, and then insert pausing points where you can ask a question, either multiple choice (which it will verify and give feedback on correctness) or free response where you can see what they wrote later. It will also tell you who logged on, how far they are in watching the video, their scores and responses on the questions in the test. It’s a great tool for holding learners accountable

    As for reaching the students that you are concerned about, I’ve found a simple zoom or google hangout meeting to be effective. I’ll set up a meeting with 4 or 5 kids at a time and work with them, just like I would if we were in the classroom.

    I hope this is helpful. Do you think these ideas will work for you?