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  • Amy Kopcznski

    April 9, 2020 at 12:15 pm

    I used Notice and Wonder in my classroom many times last year and loved it! I had to stick with it though because when I first asked my students to give me notices and wonders for a visual representation or a video I got a lot of blank stares and cricket noises. They were not used to being asked a question that did not have one correct answer. I found that giving them quiet think time at the beginning was key and then I could lessen the amount of think time to a couple of minutes later in the year. Allowing them to share ideas in trios or with a partner or other structures also increased confidence in my students. I found that the notices came easier for them than the wonders and we had to work a bit more on those. The explanation of the process from the both of you has given me some ideas on how I can improve this for my students. I need to give more follow up information to build the anticipation and incorporate estimation.

    How often do you do activities like these with your students? Are these used only when lauching new content, weekly, daily?