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  • Desmond Mak

    April 6, 2020 at 3:11 am

    My biggest takeaway is the 10 effective strategies that promote learning. I used to give grades in homework assignment and marks for tests. Many students only care about the grades and marks and ignore my feedback and suggestions. Only very few students will re-do the questions using my suggested approach. Hope that by not writing the grades and marks, students can focus more on their learning and improvement.

    I’ll continue to assess my students via conversation, questioning, observation and remind myself not to rely on the average test scores or exam scores.

    I’ll try my best to spread my practices to my mathematics colleagues. Hope that a few of them will learn the practice and apply in their classes.

    I’m happy to have tried 3-Act tasks, WODB, What if …?, Two Truths One Lie, withholding information, etc.

    This workshop has been very useful to my professional development. I’m thrilled that I can improve further in teaching mathematics after teaching for over 25 years.

    Thank you so much, Kyle and Jon, for all the preparation to make this workshop so unforgetable and fruitful!

    Hope to continue to learn from you two from the podcast and Facebook page!

    Wish all teachers good health and safe!

    P.S. I have already promoted your workshop to my ex-colleagues and current mathematics colleagues.