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  • Desmond Mak

    April 5, 2020 at 6:30 am

    I used to teach linearly with definitions, examples and non-examples, theorems, worked examples, class work, conclusion in my first 10 years of teaching.

    I then changed the sequence by letting my students solve a representative work problem of the whole chapter first. By so doing, they understand why they need to learn that chapter.

    Since 5 years ago when I first learnt the 3-Act tasks, I have formed the habit of beginning a lesson with a video/diagram/problem to spark their curiosity. That makes learning more meaningful. Students usually don’t care about definitions, theorems and mathematical vocabulary. However, if we pose a problem/video to them, the series of responses will lead to the need to introduce the mathematical vocabulary, the definition of new concepts, …

    I like this change of teaching sequence.