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  • Christle Johnston

    April 5, 2020 at 2:32 am

    I like the idea of thinking of the students going through these stages to solve problems. I feel like this doesn’t just apply to math, but to almost any new thing we learn in life. Since we are not in school right now, I can’t work through a specific problem with these stages, but I can think back to many situations where I feel like students experienced these. However, I feel like maybe they don’t always go through all of these stages when they are just trying to solve a regular pencil and paper problem. I feel like they may not actually feel conciously masterful because they may just have gone through the motions and got the correct answer, but maybe were not sure really how they got to that point or did not feel that they had fully mastered that skill. If they had started with a more concrete visual representaion they they might have felt more success in the end.