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  • Desmond Mak

    April 5, 2020 at 2:22 am

    Unlike the mathematics curriculum in North America, I had been exposed to spiralling since my primary and secondary education. I have been using spiralling in teaching since I first taught in my current secondary school in Hong Kong.

    Spiralling seems to be unnecessary and boring parts for top students and students with good memory of what they have learnt in the past. However, it’s definitely good for the majority of the average and weaker students. They tend to forget what they have learnt and it’s important for teachers to embed or even integrate the previous knowledge with the new knowledge so that students can revisit and apply the previous knowledge in a new context.

    I used to give a summative test after teaching one topic by giving a mark. Most students show fear and emotions when receiving their test with an unsatisfactory mark. After this module, I’ll try not to put a mark on their test paper so that students can focus on my feedback/suggestions instead of focussing on the marks.

    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to reflect on our current practice!