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  • Vanessa Wright

    March 28, 2020 at 8:30 pm

    Well Robin, I know. First log in for a while myself. So I started chunking and then spiralling a bit better towards the end of the year last year. The Check In sheets worked magic and i can really notice the student in my class this year (moving from 7 to 8) who had me last year have retained more information and the students who didn’t have me, I have to go back and re-teach in so much more detail.

    But, I have moved into a senior role this year, working full time and the teachers I am working with are right at the start of their journey, so coming in like a bull at the gate I think I have scared them off a bit, plus of course Covid-19 chaos. What I have done is back off, our check in’s have gone from weekly to fortnightly (They were having trouble seeing the value when they spent most of their time chasing them up from students who didn’t hand them in and hopefully now that will be easier I can get them to start recording their results. The magic grows when you see the results.

    How are you going?