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  • Cynthia Doyle

    March 26, 2020 at 11:17 am

    I love the NPVS (whiteboards). In the first week of the semester we have discussions about what we like to see in a group and what we don’t like to see in a group. I write down the student’s suggestions (in their own words when possible) and post the charts in the classroom. These become our classroom norms. [I think this could be done at any point in the semester.]

    When I make whiteboard groups I do it randomly. I’ve used DoJo for this because it allows me to enter attendance so all the groups are actually filled. I like groups of 3 for high school so no one can just sit back and watch. And I constantly circulate and remind students of positive phrase to use by praising all the good stuff I hear or by making language correction. For the first week or so, the math tasks are very achievable and I focus on the group skills. One other nice thing about DoJo is that you can tell it not to put certain students together and that can help with the comfort level for some students. (Of course, I would really rather not have to do that but sometimes it makes for a much happier classroom.)

    All that being said, there are always a few who don’t seem to be able to follow the rules about playing nicely and constant reminders are necessary. 🙁