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  • Mary Manske

    March 25, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    Well here we are. The world blew up and I need to decide what my focus is.

    Stats is not too hard. I’ve been doing Zoom classes, putting together the last couple lessons in the course and am making a schedule for review. My biggest goal is to schedule a review problem every single day (I can do all those in advance). I’ll also need to decide when else to do live classes and what about, as well as set out deadlines. I gave them almost everything before we went out though, so they are in decent shape.

    Algebra. These days right now are still “enrichment” and I’m getting maaaaaybe 1/3 engagement. I’m not sure which way to go from here. I feel like options are:

    1. Continue with pretty minimal stuff: we post something every day, usually small, and some kids do it. We offer feedback (most things are posted through Google Classroom) but we’re not really accomplishing much. I’ve put a few Desmos in there too.

    2. Step it up a little with some more Desmos

    Pro: It would be more engaging/they’d be more likely to learn

    Pro: At least I can offer feedback now

    Con: I don’t think I can get them all on at the same time, so they’d basically be doing them solo. Not as much benefit–is it worth it for six kids to do a Desmos solo.

    3. Work to get a lot more engagement (probably social stuff) so that they check back in. Try more task based stuff (same con with the low engagement).

    I’m leaning more towards 1, because I think it might be a better use of time/effort to put my effort into what I want to do next year. But I feel conflicted and hate not deciding.