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  • Denise Stablow

    March 25, 2020 at 3:28 pm

    Hello, luckily we have a 1:1 district and a week prior to the shutdown our district provided service for the 5% of our population who didn’t have it by a poll they gave. I do know that if you go to the website for Digital Wish, they are helping many people and schools out right now. I have been using the Would You Rather, Which one doesn’t belong, and Two truths and one lie as a discussion warm-ups for class each day. It has been great and the kids enjoy posting to each other. I don’t let them see each others responses until they respond. I’m hoping to move to some Three Act Math tasks in the next week. I’ve used Schoology as my platform for delivery.

    Secondly, I’ve found that many students still want to speak to you and can’t always connect virtually, so if you go to GOOGLE VOICE, you can select a phone number that will link to your phone, thus the kids can’t see your true number. I’ve told the students that it is my Online Classroom Phone Number. calls will be taken from 9-3 and after that they can leave a message and I’ll call them back the next day.This has been invaluable for kids and parents who are having problems adjusting to the new platforms, responding, submitting or just need some help. It also just helps them to hear a voice, if they don’t have the ability to meet virtually or if they do, sometimes, they just need guided through how to connect. I work with 6th graders.