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  • Heidi Peterson

    March 23, 2020 at 8:41 am


    I am a middle school math teacher and I teach all the 6th grade through Algebra 1 classes in my PreK-8 building. I teach in an extremely diverse Chicago Public School (you name a way that diversity is measured we have it).

    I was not a “math person” growing up. I majored in theater in college and worked in small theaters for years after graduating. I also taught myself relational database theory and basic programing during my “day job” and worked concurrently in IT. Eventually, I became a career changer and started teaching.

    I have only taught middle school (14 years), but I have taught all the core subjects. In fact, for my first seven years I taught 8th grade all subjects (non-departmentalized).

    I’m here to up my own game as a teacher and to
    find ways I can support my K-5 colleagues who are not specialists.