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  • Kyle Kline

    March 21, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Hello all!

    My name is Kyle Kline and I am a Math Curriculum & Technology Integration Specialist in Delphi, Indiana. My background is 9-12 math, but this is my 5th year in my current role. My first 4 years were focused on grades 6-12, but this year I have added K-5 to make my position a full district role. I have really enjoyed being a part of the elementary school and seeing how students learn, what they learn, and how teachers teach it to the students.

    I’ve been a huge follower of the Making Math Moments that Matter podcast from the beginning! I’ve always wanted to join the Academy, but have never had the time. Now that school is out, and we are only using eLearning for 3 days a week, I now have the chance to learn and implement some of the activities I have heard about. I can’t wait to continue this journey and I am really excited to learn everything I can!