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  • Ben Newman

    March 18, 2020 at 6:08 am

    Hey MMM Community!

    My name is Ben Newman and I teach at the Western Academy of Beijing in China. I teach both Grade 8 and Grade 10 maths, both of which follow the IB MYP program.

    Our school closed during the Chinese New Year holiday (24th Jan ish) and many of faculty and students scattered across the globe. From wherever we all landed, we have been teaching maths online for the past 6 weeks. We are currently relaxing a little during our Spring Break holiday and looking towards the probability of not returning to Beijing before the end of this semester.

    Have been following the MMM crew for a while and the combination of trying to maintain engagement online through curiosity, fun and exploration and, honestly, the free month of access to the Academy have led me here!

    Looking forward to finding and developing some good ideas to take back to our online school.

    Take Care All