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  • Mary Manske

    March 10, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    My students really, really, really want me to tell them what to do. We had a super frustrating day on graphing inequalities (from an equation, we already did it in context) and the first one was in standard form. Almost everyone went to the next one, which is in slope intercept form and started blindly shoving zeros in it, staring at the results and generally puzzling over it. They want someone to say “This is ____, so do ___” We need to do more to work against that kind of attitude.

    Systems starts next week and I am excited for that–I made big edits starting a few years ago but I know there are places here where I can incorporate more tasks. I also need to find some stand & talk ideas, because I think there are great possibilities there. I do a lot at the start with informal/intuitive ideas of systems and the idea of a solution and what it means. I’ve done a lot more to prepare for that idea this year and we will see if it has paid off at all…

    Stats is taking boring time to rewrite problem sets (to match new book) but overall its better that it matches the CED so I’ll get over it.

    I want to focus on student discourse and explanation even more in the systems unit. This weekend, I need to select one or more tasks to do and then decide where they fit.

    I need to make sure that I do at least Mental Math, Estimation 180 or some similar thing every day (we have a test tomorrow and I skip when I start to feel time pressured, which I think does more harm than good).