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  • Mary Manske

    February 24, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    I had some good first try lessons on the way I implemented Standard form and point slope form–room for improvement, but I liked the base. And my books came today!

    I need a stand and talk for inequalities and another for parallel (I think–need to review notes) but I feel pretty prepared for the rest of this unit. I saw the new Shot Put task that seems like it will be a good fit towards the end of this unit or right after (not sure if it would make more sense to wait til after linear equations and use to intro systems or what). Systems will be the rest of this quarter after linear equations so I’ll turn my attention there soon.

    I need to redo all of my schedules for AP to match the new CED order, but that will ultimately be a lot less confusing and jumpy.

    I’ve been good with Mental Math lately, less so with Estimation. I think I need to decide what are the must-dos every day, and probably some of those are off of a menu (so estimation, mental math, stand & talk, WODB, notice & wonder, would you rather obviously all don’t need to happen in a day but which ones can sub for each other?)

    And decide if I want to apply for Desmos Fellowship–I use Desmos a lot but I don’t know how to make activities so I’m not sure I should.