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  • Mary Manske

    February 13, 2020 at 10:19 pm

    -Write stand & talks (did it the first time but now I need more). I made a list of six ideas and we’ll brainstorm a few more tomorrow. Do 2 S/Ts next week.

    -Detail my plan for standard form of linear equations. I think my concept is solid but execution is not always my strong suit. I want to explore combinations first (in context) and use that to motivate equations to model a situation (first to check given combinations and then later to graph and see all solutions. This also gives context to x & y intercepts.

    -Point Slope before Slope Intercept. I have no idea how to introduce this in a way that isn’t lame though. I have til mid next week to figure that out, or its a worksheet :/

    -I’M GETTING NEW BOOKS. So I don’t have to rewrite the whole rest of the year in my Stats class because the new books go in order and match the CED. They should be here within two weeks and I can’t wait.

    Focus: Linear Equations–how can I rearrange, how can we start with context, where are the Stand & Talks. I’m not a lot of days ahead here, in terms of even a general idea of what’s happening. This week blew up but that is almost all I’m going to do tomorrow.