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  • Cathie O’Malley

    February 6, 2020 at 9:18 am

    It sounds like we all share similar struggles. Since I’m in year 3 of my position as a math/science coach, I can finally see some shifts that have stuck and that’s encouraging. At our middle school, and in our district, we struggle to find time to plan and debrief with teachers. We started implementing “microcoaching” cycles last month in the hopes that teachers would see it as less of a committment (and it would lead to longer cycles) and so far it is going well. Our plan is to use this opportunity to continually “check in” and follow-up on progress in the hopes that any shifts made will stick. I’ve included links to the invite we sent to teachers and the form we are using to track our cycles. Microcoaching – Winter Blast and Meeting Notes