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  • Mary Manske

    February 3, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    -Still need to finish Building Powerful Numeracy

    -Write two more stand & talks,  and include at least one random one that I can do when I can’t come up with anything relevant. 

    -Start outlining next unit on linear equations–there is a lot I can remix in there so this is probably going to take some time. 

    -College Board updated the CED and I need to rewrite the majority of the next 3 units, so I need to work on those schedules and assessments especially. I’d like to think of how I can spiral this but I think it is by nature already pretty spiraled (that’s what inference is) so I probably should just get my assessments written. 

    -Long term: think about my goals for instruction & what I want my class to look like–is it totally spiralled? How do I do that with a team? Do I care more about getting more conceptual understanding in there?

    Wins: planned out mental math, have Do Nows mostly ready to go, wrote several stand & talks and we *should* all be doing a task on Thursday (I’m actually doing it tomorrow). 

    I’ll focus on the assessments and linear equations unit (that should also give me opportunity for stand & talks).