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  • Kelli Fisher

    February 2, 2020 at 8:48 am

    I feel your pain as I only have 45 minutes teaching my Math Intervention class.  I have to make time for the Math 180 curriculum/workbook, Online component, and then anytime to allow students to ask for assistance with outside academic Math class help.  

    I also do not have my own classroom and feel like I use the first 5-8 minutes setting up my cart/computer before I can start.  I cannot enter the room until the previous class ends and the students have left the room.  It is amazing how much time it takes for middle school students to leave a room.  LOL

    I have learned to make my students “think” about what we are doing each day, how can they help us get started while I am setting up my computer with the screen.  What are they doing that is helping and what should they be doing if they aren’t.

    I also encourage them by thanking them for helping me when we actually start earlier because it was a good day overall with set up.

    Thinking about my classroom time, it is difficult to spend 5 minutes on an intro problem followed by transition 1/2 the group for a lesson with me and the other 1/2 on their computers using the online program, then transition again by switching places 1/2 with me and 1/2 on computer, followed by end of class review, clean up, dismissal.

    I really need a good solid 20 minutes of computer time for my students to make a difference filling in gaps.  I can help them while I teach a lesson but I need time to investigate/talk with my students getting a lesson.  If my group gets involved in a cool discussion, I don’t want to stop.  This drags out and I wasn’t able to switch/transition.

    I am interested in hearing ideas from others with a short classtime.  I am also interested in hearing from those who also live in their cart and are limited with timeframe because they have no classroom of their own.