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  • Mary Manske

    January 25, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    Next week is finals, and I have lots of time* so I want to get the groundwork for second semester laid. 

    -Finish Building Powerful Numeracy

    -Decide what Mental Math I am doing each day for the following two weeks (I’ve been good on Estimation lately so I don’t think I need to prep it.)

    -Write at least five stand & talks (can be for whenever as long as the first two hit the first week of the semester). Include at least one random one that I can do when I can’t come up with anything relevant. Force my evaluating administrator to come see it. 

    -Do Nows for the next two weeks: try to include some notice & wonder on patterns, particularly if they can then be used later in the day for the lesson. WODB is fun too. 

    -See where I think the hot chocolate task could fit (with functions? not sure…)

    -Long term: think about my goals for instruction & what I want my class to look like–is it totally spiralled? How do I do that with a team? Do I care more about getting more conceptual understanding in there?

    -Choose a youCubed pattern task for us to practice anticipating with. Ideally one with thorough notes for teachers. We need to get through one to get unstuck. I’m open to suggestions here as well–functions and then linear equations are next. My goal is something where students can solve it different ways and then we can sequence them. I’ve done the above many times, so I’m comfortable with it, but don’t think half the team would be. I’m open to suggestions, but it does need to be a single straightforward task. This is not about challenging me, it is about getting my team moving forward. 

    *procrastination from the 28 sets of free responses I’ll have from my AP class.