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  • Ann Hough

    January 21, 2020 at 2:17 pm


    I am Ann Marie Hough (pronounced huff).  I live in Northeastern Nebraska and teach on a Native American Reservation.  I teach 6th Grade Mathematics, Consumer Mathematics and a General Mathematics.  General Math is a Pre-Pre-Algebra course

    I have a Secondary Education Degree with a Mathematics Endorsement for 6-12.  I am currently working on my Masters in Cirrculum and Instruction.  I would like to get my Special Education endorsment.

    My 3rd and 6th grade teacher, who was the same person, is the main reason I chose math as my endorsement.  In 3rd grade, I asked why 3 x 4 was 12.  Her reply was you don’t need to know why, just memorize the math facts!  That evening, my grandmother was babysitting my sister and I.  With the  full swing of the holiday season, pies baking in the oven filled the kitchen.  I asked Grandma why 3 x 4 was 12.  She set out 3 groups of 4 and asked me to add up the groups.  I replied 12 and then an Oh multiplication is a short cut to addition.  

    I joined Making Math Momements Matter Acedemy because I want to be that teacher that help guides students into a world of mathematical discovery.